The imaginary kingdom of the childhood.

This is how we understand our mission.

Fun masters

Imagine you are sitting on a bench in the park near the playground.
Your eyes are closed. You do nothing but hear...
Joyful shouting, giggling, tapping, ball playing, singing ... you are in the little kingdom of sounds.

Open your eyes. Don’t you ever get the feeling that CHILDHOOD is a wonderful place where every child is an excellent FUN MASTER? They experience and move in every single day of their lives.
So, let them enjoy it.

Little creators

What can you see looking at an ordinary stone?
Shape, colour maybe texture but this stone is still the same stone you have always known.

What about children’s perception? Is it a different story? Yes, absolutely it is. Natural stones could represent everything for them while playing.
- Do you want a crystal ball?
- Here you are.
- Do you need a car?
- No problem.
- Are you hungry?
- Don’t worry stones will transform in a delicious chocolate cake.

In this world there is no room for boredom.
So, let them create...

Happy Friends

Do you remember your beloved teddy? Of course you do...

- Mummy, mummy where is my little hoglet? He doesn't want to play today. He is very sad.
- Little hoglet why are you worried?
- Winter is coming...Is there enough apple jam in my pantry?
- Don't be so sad my friend I'll teach you counting:
one, two, three, four...nine, ten, eleven apples' jam
- Hurray! I'm safe now.
- There is one yummy apple jam left. It's a gift for you.
- Thank you my little hoglet.
- Look! It's snowing. Let's have fun my friend.

So, let them be happy.