Puzzlecopters will move your kids into a fabulous, interactive world full of entertainment value. The main goal of the game is to complete various sequences of different shapes and colors, in numerous spatial configurations. Having fun with logical, interactive sequences will surely stimulate logical thinking and develop motor skills. So, are you ready for an amazing adventure with playful puzzlecopters, rolling cubes, adorable juice making machine and of course cute characters?

Welcome to a juicy glade – a wonderland where children’s imagination growths easily. About 24 carefully designed game scenes involve children in completing an amazing collection of logical sequences. These ones are far from being boring. Crazy monocycles, flying “juicecopters” and “fruitcopters”, swingy fruit frames, rolling cubes, fruity polyominoes (remember Tetris shapes?) are there to make kids learn without knowing it. And don’t forget about lovely characters: cheerful hoglet and busy bees always ready to keep the child’s brain active. Kids will explore interactive world with pleasure. They will see many fantastic items in action: a running train along a rail track, a juice making machine filling a glass with juice, a floating fishing boat or moving rainy clouds trough the sky, playful characters and many others.

Children can easily get around many various levels in order to choose the most appropriate difficulty level within each game. Kids are also given visual and audio feedback guiding them toward the correct movement.

Puzzlecopters – What does it mean for you and your kids?

This game provides the wide range of kids friendly activities. It engages children in a creative way and lets parents follow their progress. It is mainly designed to:

  • help your children develop logical thinking by having fun with interactive, logical sequences
  • invent an interactive game world with slightly moving elements what is more challenging than completing simple, static puzzles
  • teach cause and effect
  • enjoy the liquid physics ( fun with juice making machine)
  • be useful for building the important skills needed by a preschooler
  • become masters of perception
  • support the creativity and the imagination development in early childhood
  • allow children to do experiments while they play by introducing some trial and failure process
  • be a good way to improve children’s concentration and patience
  • create a lot of interactive elements, most of them visible on the screen can be touched to see something funny
  • develop fine motor skills
  • introduce a simple, motivational system which should encourage kids to complete the levels without faults (a victory song, stars with a gold cup and adorable stamps)
  • design extraordinary, high quality game scenery full of outstanding graphics and animations, sweet characters and toys
  • create original music for kids
  • implement tilt detection so tilting the iPad influences the world of game
  • incorporate blowing detection what makes things even funnier
  • give clear, visual instructions to demonstrate how to play the game (refer to images above)